How to Care for your Silk

To launder silk successfully a non-alkali, non-acid (pH neutral) cleansing agent should be used.

SERICARE™ is a very successful cleansing agent with neutral pH, specifically designed for washing silk.  In addition, it contains some natural oils that are part of the healthy fibre, so sometimes it can actually repair damage caused by the harsh treatment of other agents.

Use the "SPIN DRY CYCLE" found in most washing machines to REMOVE the EXCESS WATER  after both washing and rinsing. When you have removed the excess water from your garment hang it in an airy place to dry; i.e. in the shade or inside the house. DO NOT HANG IT OUT TO DRY IN FULL OR PARTIAL SUN.  Direct sunlight doesn't damage just our skin, it damages  most things left out in it for a long time.